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Dansk Moderne: Danish Modern Teak Furniture

About Us

Who we are:

Be Modern is a small independent operation with a focus on old fashioned customer service.  We want your buying experience to feel good.   We want to know your name.  And we want to help you find those items that make you feel that special cozy feeling of being home.  Buying online can feel anonymous, and if you prefer that you can have it.  But if you want to know that a human will answer the phone when you call and take the time to talk with you, you can have that too.

How we do it:

We acquire 95% of our merchandise from the source, in Denmark.  All of our inventory is guaranteed authentic and vintage.  We do not deal in reproduction or new production of vintage designs.  We spend a month in Denmark 2 to 3 times a year buying carefully so that we can sell fairly.  Our advantage is that we know Denmark, we speak the language fluently, and we pack then ship our own containers back to Boston.  This eliminates many of the middle men and translates into lower prices for our merchandise.

Our goal is to make Mid-Century and vintage Danish Modern furniture design accessible to anyone who loves it - regardless of budget.  To that end, we deal in both high end designer pieces and standard Danish design.  Tastes vary, so we provide a variety of choices at any given time from the 50's to the 70's.

We are happy to look for items specifically for you if you have special requests.  We are happy to arrange shipping for you to destinations beyond Boston.  And as always, curbside delivery is free in and around Boston.

Thank you for your business,

- Lorin Hesse, Owner

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